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Privateloader DDOS V1 - A DDOS program for the browser
[Image: svMnpxx.jpg]

I have posted a few months ago a tutorial on how to build your own DDOS program. (Check the link below)
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Since then i have spend a bit of my time building my own network using some old domains. The list has more than 7500 hosts (Thats more than 7500 different locations), most of them are already expired and i need to review. Nevertheless i'm sharing it, both the client and the server code.

How to use!
1) Launch Privateloader DDOS V1.html
2) Type the site you want to DDOS
3) Leave the program running

How do i add more hosts?
Purchase a update with me or simply upload "1.php" to your webhosting and add 1 line to the file.

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Virus Scan
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