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[Leak] DroidJack v4.0 - Android RAT [hot] FREE - Android Rat Part 3
thanks @Elite_x ..hoping it would help me
For Support and Advertisement you can contact  701491310
Looking forward to testing it out thanks so much
(08-31-2018, 08:35 AM)Elite_x Wrote:  
 DroidJack v4.0 - Android RAT [hot] FREE

[Image: Droidjack.jpeg?fit=623%2C425&ssl=1]

L.R Sanjeevi © 2014.

Terms & Conditions:

Please read and understand before using the software. By using the software you agree that you comply with the terms and conditions of the software.

Change logs v4.0:
* APK Encryption (AES, DES, TripleDES, Blowfish).

* Assign custom package name for DJ server.

* Remove certain features from the server.

* Remove permissions from the server.

* Call conversation recording.

* Live update of currently running app on main panel.

* User idle time on main panel.

* Adjust volume on remote device (Alarm, Music, Notification, Ringer, System, Voice).

* Check latency between DJ control panel and DJ server.

* Make DJ server persistent even upon factory reset (Requires Root access).

* Crash Reporter implemented to track DJ server bugs.

* View Draft SMS messages.

* Disconnect Me Forever now disables the DJ server instantly.

* File Voyager supports UTF-8 encoding to support various languages.

* Fixed several bugs.

Setup Instructions:
1) Register a dynamic dns from  or
2) Choose a port (Example: 1337), forward the chosen port (1337) and 1334 (default) so u need to port forward 2 ports!
3) Generate the APK with the chosen port (1337) and ur dynamic dns and other details!
4) Do not scan it on virustotal or such sites so that it remains FUD longer.

Feel free to contact me for support and suggest your ideas.



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