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Paid Subscriptions package 2015
If you would like to become a Premium site member select payment method.
We have 2 payment method:
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2. Bitcoin

PM For account details.

Pay With Bitcoin : 19m95FpeivUnDiNjD1FDh6GqZcMyiUiE9G
Pay With Perfectmoney : U3390235

Offensive Community Premium 20$(lifetime)

[Image: uber.png]

The main purpose of Donating is to support the OC project.
Your money will be used to pay for
our ever increasing bandwidth costs, our hosting service, domain registration,
software licensing fees, and maintenance costs Only!
20$ for [b]lifetime Premium !
Instant Activation System !
- Unlimited Downloads
- Unlimited Forums Access
- No Ads | Smooth Experience
- Get help to install your Botnet/Stealer/Setup Rats/Scripts/Port Forwarding and many more.
- Download our nulled/Script releases before everyone else.
- Access to Premium Forums.
- Request any help via Team Viewer.
- Advanced Forum Experience.
- Premium Usergroup.
- Access to Shoutbox

Benefits of becoming a paid member include:
  • Access to all forum areas
  • Can use uploaded avatars
  • Ability to edit usertitle
  • Ability to change username
  • Can close your own threads
  • Lifetime upgrade
  • Ability to subscribe to threads
  • Removal of all ads
  • Can use special characters in username
  • Allowed to use an image in your signature
  • Additional 1450 messages for PM folders (1500 total)
  • Ability to give reputation points
  • Viewing of others warning points
  • Can use PM tracking system
  • Can edit/delete your own posts without time limits
  • Entry into subscriber only contests and drawings
  • Eternal happiness acquired by supporting this community
  • Special Supporter Sponsor image
[Image: uber.png]
By joining our subscription service you  agree that you will not use any information from this site for illegal  purposes. Any information provided is strictly for educational and  entertainment purposes only.  OCF does not promote illegal activity and  we are a computer enthusiasts site dedicated to helping its members gain  knowledge and understanding of computer security.  By subscription you  fully understand that what you are gaining is extra forum abilities and  nothing of monetary value. Abuse of Paypal accounts or stolen credit  cards will have their accounts closed immediately and the proper  authorities notified. We take fraud and abuse very seriously.  Upgraded  accounts are non-transferable and cannot be shared. We reserve the right  to close any account without notice for any reason.

    You are about to begin the process to purchase an upgraded account.

Important Notes:
1. All accounts are manually inspected before upgrade.
2. Any fraudulent data used will result in the closing of your account.
3. No refunds.
4. It may take up to 48 hours to complete your upgrade.
5. More information about the upgrade process PM me
Need help ! just ping me Blackhat
Jabber :
ICQ : 701491310

For Support and Advertisement you can contact  701491310
Boss where is the link to sub
i want to be a vip 1 week and i want to pay using moneybookers.
Tried pm'ing MASTER ILLUSIONIST but Inbox is full :(

Send me the details please!
i wan to be a vip member for 1 week ....i m ready to pay using credit card....I M or mail the details sir
thanks for responding my user registration as i am a student i didn't have money but i am enthusiasm to learn hacking
Cookie Steal Wrote:thanks for responding my user registration as i am a student i didn't have money but i am enthusiasm to learn hacking

brother i'm also a student... :)
For Support and Advertisement you can contact  701491310
you can happily remove me from this forum as i m interested in cracking not hacking.So this forum is not for me :)
okay as u wish :)
nice post,

thanks sir
does any of the cash go to a good cause mate?

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