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*** Amazing HTML & JAVA Scripts Must See ****
Hello Guys Thats my First theard ]
i will share my knowledge
may be this is very usefull to new bies

here is code copy this code and run

<title>Simple Adder</title>

<script type="text/javaScript">
document.write("<center><font size=+5>COLOR</font></center>")

function changeBkgrnd(color)

<font size="+4">

<a href=""onMouseOver="changeBkgrnd('red')">Red</a><br>
<a href=""onMouseOver="changeBkgrnd('blue')">Blue</a><br>
<a href=""onMouseOver="changeBkgrnd('pink')">Pink</a><br>
<a href=""onMouseOver="changeBkgrnd('green')">Green</a><br>
<a href=""onMouseOver="changeBkgrnd('yellow')">Yellow</a><br>
<a href=""onMouseOver="changeBkgrnd('orange')">Orange</a><br>
<a href=""onMouseOver="changeBkgrnd('black')">Black</a><br>
<a href=""onMouseOver="changeBkgrnd('purple')">purple</a><br></font>
<marquee >

if u like my post say :thnx:
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Can we be deal partner?
thank bro. good share

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