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[NEW] #1 SkyWyder RAT - CRACKED - [Worth $50]
(02-26-2016, 12:47 PM)Greed Wrote:  [Image: FPhk2NE.png]
NEW : Teamviewer HIDDEN Tested on XP/VISTA/WIN7/8/10 x86 and x64 !
- Hidden startup from Regedit and msconfig. Persistent installation
- Cryptochange, replace automatly any Bitcoin address copied on the clipboard by your own one
- SkyWyder Rat is able to bypass any Firewall
- Multiple DNS connection, if one of your address is not reachable, the RAT will automatically connect to the next

- Very easy to use, just enter a URL and that's it. The Formgrabber take charge of recovering all the form data and will also take a screenshot for each login made and click on the url in question
- Download screenshots and logs in a friendly menu
- Capture date of screenshots
- FULL URL of website captured
- Intelligent keylogger, work only when you need it
- You will be able to download only the screenshots you need 

- Actually our RAT can kill this list of Malwares, include from memory. No matter if the file is crypted, the RAT will detect and kill it quickly without use any % of CPU.

-Keylogger is hooked in Ring3, so it's never miss any single data, the entire keyboard is hooked without any ms delay.

-Disable the next programs (Without Administration rights!)
(Regedit, CMD, MsConfig, TaskMgr, RestoreSys)

BTC-E Code capture:
-Capture BTC-E Code in RealTime and send it to you very fast with sound notification.

-With Administration Rights our RAT can kill this list of Anti Virus using a .SYS File from memory (You can also use the UAC bypass with this option)

Fake Message:
-You can configure Title, Message, Icon, Buttons of the fake message and also test it before.

To register the ocx files to fix the missing ocx errors.
1. Open a CMD as administrator.
2. Navigate to the SkyWyder folder.
3. type "Regsvr32 ocxname"
4. Type this on every ocx that is included in the folder.

Credits goes to lostit


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nice one. Wll check it out!!
thanks you, this is good for testing
thnxx ................. :)

thnxx .......................... :)
thx man excelent

Edit; Reload link of this shit, or some one give pm
Looks Sexy, Can't wait to infect people with it.

Edit: Spoke too soon, link is broken.
For Support and Advertisement you can contact  701491310
I really want to see this okay
thx for that nice bot intro nice link
thanks for sharing this is a nice one
Thanks! :P [Since my message is too small I will write stuff here: 2iridif]

Download link is broken....

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