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Free RAT Service - Setup, Portfowarding, and Spreading
u can use torrent to portforward
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appreciate you willing to help out others, i was wondering if u can help me out too... i tried couple of rats darkcommet, jrat....etc not sure if i got a moded exe, i was able to do the port forward,verified using canyouseeme, some online telnet website to make sure the system can be accesses from outside, all showed as connected, however when i run the server its not showing up in the console ( firewall is turned off) , i can follow some troubleshooting step if u have i'll contact thru icq

RAT: Any you recommend
Problem: not able to view the server in client
Will vouch after being assisted: will vouch
Do I have Teamviewer: yes
Skype username (optional):
[INDENT]RAT: Either Loki/Cybergate/DC/Blackshades (Whichever you, as a professional, would recommend.) 
Problem: Never been very good at setting up RAT's. Plus I have no money to buy anything.
Will vouch after being assisted: Most definitely
Do I have Teamviewer: yes
Skype username (optional): thaendgame
I'm available all the time.

LF help with:

Setup VPN for XBL

IRC Botnets

Putty Booter
Youre an awsome guy , keep it up , CodeFire
thanks !!!that is great
I need a few tips on spreading. Also i would like a site i could upload my stub too. If anyone could help that would be great.
[Image: florian-1.gif]
For Support and Advertisement you can contact  701491310
itsssss good enough.........
thanks for the service plan on contact
[Image: imtk5YC.gif]
Need Help with Hacking? Keylogging, Ratting, Phishing, Methods, E-Books, want a Netflix Account? Need a DDosser,
Need a Stub FUD? Or how about Port Forwarding Issues? Or Maybe you need someone Doxed? Or something your stuck with that you just can't quite figure out?? Shoot me a pm Dirol in the mean time I'l be here Smoke

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(01-28-2013, 01:59 AM)Codefire Wrote:                     
[Image: 1OXRA]

Hey I'm codefire. I have quite a lot of experience with RATs and I  would like to give back to the community by helping you setup yours.

[Image: 1OXZ0]
+ many more

We'll help you with setting up a static LAN IP (or VPN), no-IP,  portfowarding, building your server/configuring your client, spreading,  and we'll also test your server for you!

[Image: 1OY5v]
The current wait time is: I'll help you ASAP.

[Image: 1OY7j]

You can contact me by either private messaging me, or adding me on yahoo. When adding me on yahoo, please include your oc username in the request

Please leave a response to this thread in the following format before adding me on skype or PMing me ::hehehe::

Will vouch after being assisted:
Do I have Teamviewer:
Skype username (optional):
CodeFire I'm currently building my own rat using VB .Net. I'm currently trying to figure out how I can make it so I can make the infect system act as a proxy server. Do you have any advice maybe some code with comments to share that can achieve this. Please note that because it is a rat I need a way to make it act as a reverse server or some way to make it so it doesn't have to open up any ports or configure alot of things.

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