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A professional at its peak
[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]I contacted this affordable private investigator after noticing a change in my partner’s behavior for some time. Although we were in counseling and he told me and the therapist that he was not seeing anyone outside of our relationship, these investigators helped me catch him by intercepting all his whatsapp, facebook, sms, call logs, web browser and phone conversations directing them directly to my phone. Kelvinhack helped me confirm this was the woman he reconnected with at his High School reunion. Once confronted with the irrefutable facts, my husband has finally stopped seeing her and I believe he really wants to work on our can reach them on their mail and you could mention my name if you get a slow reply because he is always extra careful(i promised to help him publicize if he did my job well) Email contact: [/font][/font]
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