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[Leak] SAS - Saefko Attack Systems Rat android + PC
09-30-2019, 02:52 PM,
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SAS - Saefko Attack Systems Rat android + PC
SAS - Saefko Attack Systems Rat android + PC

[Image: Screenshot_1-1-735x400.png]
[Image: EBhctl3XUAABXne.png]
Saefko (SAS) is the first known multi-protocol remote administration tool that targets multiple operating systems. In this example the author created a modular-style botnet that connects with the remote system initially via HTTP. Using this HTTP connection the client can send commands, or establish an IRC connection with the remote machine. The IRC servers will switch every 21 minutes for extra-security, on top of the messages being encrypted. You can use IRC or HTTP to establish a TCP connection in which you can call on much more features.

Run on all android versions from Android 4 to Android 9
Run on all windows versions from xp to latest windows 10 release
Extreme stability in both windows agent and android agent
Enhanced USB/Network infection using VBS worms created by the agent
Encrypting all commutations using IRC and TCP
Using multiple IRC server to send each signal message
Bypassing android background services limitations by reconnecting to IRC server every 15-21 minutes
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