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Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Download
08-30-2019, 01:12 PM,
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Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Download
Most Inspirational and Motivational Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad

In Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF Book, R. Kiyosaki outlines the life lessons learned from two different perspectives, one of them that makes a person to achieve it’s goals and be rich and successful in life. and the other one is about what makes someone stay poor instead of progressing in life. Kiyosaki discusses how to create financial independence through investing, property ownership and building businesses.

There is a Need Does school prepare children for the real world? “Study hard and get good grades and you will find a high-paying job with great benefits,” my parents used to say. Their goal in life was to provide a college education for my older sister and me, so that we would have the greatest chance for success in life. When I finally earned my diploma in 1976-graduating with honors, and near the top of my class, in accounting from Florida State University-my parents had realized their goal. It was the crowning achievement of their lives. In accordance with the “Master Plan,” I was hired by a “Big 8” accounting firm, and I looked forward to a long career and retirement at an early age. My husband, Michael, followed a similar path. We both came from hardworking families, of modest means but with strong work ethics. 

Michael also graduated with honors, but he did it twice: first as an engineer and then from law school. He was quickly recruited by a prestigious Washington, D.C., law firm that specialized in patent law, and his future seemed bright, career path well-defined and early retirement guaranteed. Although we have been successful in our careers, they have not turned out quite as we expected. We both have changed positions several times-for all the right reasons-but there are no pension plans vesting on our behalf. Our retirement funds are growing only through our individual contributions. Michael and I have a wonderful marriage with three great children. As I write this, two are in college and one is just beginning high school. We have spent a fortune making sure our children have received the best education available. 

One day in 1996, one of my children came home disillusioned with school. He was bored and tired of studying. “Why should I put time into studying subjects I will never use in real life?” he protested. Without thinking, I responded, “Because if you don't get good grades, you won't get into college.” “Regardless of whether I go to college,” he replied, “I'm going to be rich.” “If you don't graduate from college, you won't get a good job,” I responded with a tinge of panic and motherly concern. “And if you don't have a good job, how do you plan to get rich?” My son smirked and slowly shook his head with mild boredom. We have had this talk many times before. He lowered his head and rolled his eyes. My words of motherly wisdom were falling on deaf ears once again. 
Though smart and strong-willed, he has always been a polite and respectful young man.

Download Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF
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