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[INTRO] Updated Member information thread
Quite excited to join you, hope i will be able to learn a few things here , which is probably very possible since i'm a newb to all this :P
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Thank you for the information!
It's interesting that I have to reply to read the full post. Oh well rules are rules.
Nice Thread  Mosking The Feature is exciting
awesome, finally landed at the desired place.
(05-14-2015, 08:59 AM)Codefire Wrote:
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[Image: Jvhh86W.png]
Welcome to the most wonderful site out there ,!
Now you have signed up here , don't hesitate to make a introduction thread and introduce yourself!

Let's start with the most useful sections on .

[Image: IkvZ4cr.png]
By creating your account , you have already Accepted the Terms of Usage Which you can find back here:

There are two other important sections :  and .
You will mostlikely find the answer to your problems there , it is a must to read it to avoid getting warned or even banned.
I won't really go into detail as you should just read it.

[Image: CvZ0Jvo.png]
We will head over to the .
You can change your avatar , signature , 2 Step verification, email and theme options. ( you can also change your Username if you are upgraded , don't worry I will get to that later on this thread)
You can also manage your group memberships , buddy/ignore List and many more.

Next up , the .
I recommend you to use the Search button before you make a thread asking for something which is probably already answered.
The search button will save you much time whenever you are looking for something.

[Image: czGiqJE.png] Famous credit system!

Now this is really fun.
You can earn Credits by posting , making threads and Referring other users to with your referral link!
You can find the credits rewards here :

Now you are wondering ; What can I do with these credits?
+ You can spend your credits in the  .
+ You can buy VIP Account with your credits.
+ You can buy awards with your credits.

You can also buy an Award with your credits.
As for now you can only buy the Signature image slot for 20 credits and the Credit Whore Award for 1,000 credits. located here :

Other useful links about credits and donating :

[Image: PVbCZFK.png]
I would definitely recommend you to apply for a usergroup. ( Not just for the userbar.)
Simply because you will meet lots of new people and make new friends , and share your knowledge with the rest of the group.
Recruitments for official Usergroups can be found here :
Discussion & Un-Official Groups can be found here :

Current Usergroups:

[Image: 8xsWD2u.png]
Alpha is a group dedicated to the highest quality, skilled members of Our userbar represents a wide array of skills, professional etiquette and dedication to Professional users need only apply.

[Image: dcUJgzf.png]
A fun anime based group where you can share you thoughts and opinions on several different anime shows with other anime lovers!

[Image: gKmrHCE.png]
Furry buts, but no fursuiters are allowed.

[Image: Q3vx2Jb.png]
Legion - Group of individuals who share a passion for computing and media.

[Image: JaZmKxw.png]
Top Tier Social Engineers and Crackers

[Image: jqRiqjw.png]
A team of middle quality individuals in every field from Social engineering to Coding.

[Image: Y1mhcg1.png]
Loli loli
Loli Loli

[Image: NOIZZQ0.png]
We're a group of kind and approachable members, you can come to us for help or we'll come to you. Yokochan doesn't let just anyone into the family.

There are lots of awards on , view all of them here:

[Image: 3zJwP8a.png]
Upgrading, what are the benefits?

First of all , upgrading your account is permanent.

There are currently 3 ranks you can upgrade to in the following order :
AW3SOM3 > Elite > Sponsor.
[Image: ThBNPxw.png]     [Image: wplZ31s.png]   [Image: RqAb1iV.png]
AW3SOM3 : Gives you more inbox space , the ability to change your username , give reputation , gives you the ability to change your usertitle , new username color , gives you a nice Userbar and gives you access to the premium section on! ( and best above all , you support!)
Wow that sounds AW3SOM3! , how much will that be ?
Elite: Check the features
Sponsor: Check the features

Upgrading to AW3SOM3 is $10/1 Month
Upgrading from AW3SOM3 to Elite is $15 for 3 month Month ( Need to meet Requirements, 10 posts , 5 days online time and 0% warning level.)
Upgrading from Elite to Sponsor is $20 for 1year ( Need to meet Requirements, 20 posts , 5 reputation and 0% warning level.)
Go here inorder to upgrade :
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This site is lovely :D
Don't be a Scriptkiddie[Image: nea.gif]
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I really love the usergroup images! Hope to get one someday soon!
Thanks for the info!
Nice info, this site is the best thing that has ever happened to me in a long time
Great post mate thanks

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