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What are leechers ?
Im a hacker, i sells cc,cvv,cvc and all varieties of accessories you wants, here are my lists of tools bro,

bank login,dumps,fullz,shopping,bank transfers,online transfer,dumps track1&2 mailer

bank login,dumps,fullz,shopping,bank transfers,online transfer,dumps track1&2

mailer,rdp,paypal,plastic cards,booking ticket,wu transfer


y!m : [email protected]

icq : 722484873

mail : [email protected]

------------western union trfs----------------------------

i will give you mtcn and sender info and all cash-out info.

all i require :

1 : receiver first name and last name

2 : receiver address

3 : receiver email address

4 : payment info

**prices for western union online transfer(eu,uk,asia,canada,us,france,germany,italy and some african countries):

3000$ = 300$

2500$ = 250$

2000$ = 200$

1500$ = 150$

1000$ = 100$

i transfer minimum 1000$ with price 100$ first for the time customer

western union online software(western union bug(wu bug)

version latest with an activation code :100$

Western union bug 2015 with activation code in 350$ :





=== Beacause I hacker Really , so i do bug Wu Price Hight

* Give me your western union info and payment me fee transfer's.

Then i will do transfer's for you, After about 15 mins you'll have MTCN and sender name

* Note: My software can only do five times transactions the maximum error for each recipient information

Info needed for Bank transfers :-

1: Bank name

2: Bank address

3: Zip code

4: Account Holder

5: Account number

6: Account Type

7: Routing number

8: Swift number

9: BIC and IBAN

Bank transfer will take maximum 6hour to show money in your bank account.


__Email and pass , Email leads ( US , UK, CA, Eu, Au.....)__________

1 Million Emails Leads Assorted = 10$

2 Million Emails Leads Job Seekers = 35$

1 Million Email Leads Businesses and large companies=30$

1 Emails Leads Upscale & Affluent People = 25$

2 Million Emails Leads ' Businessman' Emails = 35$

1 Million Emails Leads Women Executives = 25$

1 Million Emails Leads Work At Home = 25$

1 Million Emails Leads Home Owners = 25$

1 Million Emails Leads Consumers = 25$

- Unlimited Webmail Server inbox : $15


We are committed to ensuring our emails provide you with a value of 100%. Email our regular updates

We update leads according to fresh database not sold before to another and are cheap with best replies for your business.

And more country

---------------------------- cvv--------------------

1 us (visa,master) = 5 $

1 us (amex,dis) = 7 $

1 uk = 8 $

1 uk (with dob ) = 15 $

1 ca = 10 $

1 ca (amex,dis) = 15 $

1 eu = 15 $

1 eu (amex,dis) = 17 $

1 us (full info) = 15 $

1 uk (full info) = 20$

australia (au) = 10 $

switzerland (ve) = 15 $

france (fr) = 15 $

germany (ge) = 15 $

mexico (mx) = 12 $

new zealand (nz) = 13 $

italy = 15 $

asian cvv(all country)=17$

and many country orther...

------------------------master and visa bin-------------------------

446278 - 446272 - 449352 - 449353 - 498824 - 415929 - 465902 - 492940

492181 - 492182 - 492942 - 456735 - 454313 - 462785 - 453978

518675 - 6759 - 5434 - 529930 - 552188 - 543429 - 5505

-------------------fullz infos formate-------------------------

firstname: ******

lastlame: ***********

address: ****************


state: **

email: **********t

cardtype: ******

zip *****

country: *******

ssn: ********

dob: ** ** ****

mother maiden name: *********

driver license number: *************h

phone: ********

cardnumber: ***************

e*pirydate: ** **

cvv2: ***

atm pin: ****


cc+cvv2 ( cvvs)


firstname: ******

lastlame: ***********

address: ****************


state: **

email: **********

zip *****

country: *******

phone: ********

cardnumber: ***************

expirydate: ** **

cvv2: ***

-----------------------dating site-------------

i can pay any dating site it depends on the site you want



i do shopping to any address in us and uk,i shop iphones,laptops,perfums and more,

come for more deal

--------------------payypal account---------------

1 paypal with pass email 1500$ balance = 100 $ /paypal

1 paypal don't have pass email = 30 $ /paypal

sell paypal account us reg 3 month ago: 18$/1 acc: verified

sell paypal account us : 10 $/1 acc: verified

sell bank account info us : 7 $

sell vpn to -- us : 8 $/month

sell visa debit us : 120$

sell sock all country =5$

----------bank login --------------- bank login from usa and eu and uk and asia is avaiable.

available bank login :

scotia online




bremer online banking

flagstar bank

kbc bank




credit union




american express

wells fargo

icici bank


pen air federal

u.s. bank


first trust bank

banque nationale

hdfc bank

**you can contact me for more and many bank logins you need.

i make wire transfer and cheque transfer to

uk and us banks .. hsbc // nationwide //halifax //abbey // capital // boa // watchovia //

barclays // fcu / regions / wells // etc..

cost is 30% upfront of whatever amount you want me to transfer for you ( will accept an offer depending on the amount to be transfered )


price: usual dumps with original track1 and track2 (all dumps hacked)

track1+track2 ( without holder info )


mastercard standart, visa classic - $25

visa gold|platinum|corporate|signature|business $45

american express|discover|amazon gifts certificates - $25-40


mastercard, visa classic - $30

visa gold|platinum|corporate|signature|business $55


mastercard, visa classic - $90

visa gold|platinum|corporate|signature|business $130

other countries:

mastercard| visa classic - $70

visa gold|platinum|corporate|signature|business $90

dumps with cardholder info


price: ( exclusive dumps )

track1+track2 ( with cardholder info zip, dob , address, cvv2 )


mastercard standart, visa classic - $30

visa gold|platinum|corporate|signature|business $50

american express|discover|amazon gifts certificates - $30-50


mastercard, visa classic - $40

visa gold|platinum|corporate|signature|business $60


mastercard, visa classic - $100

visa gold|platinum|corporate|signature|business $160

other countries:

mastercard| visa classic - $100

visa gold|platinum|corporate|signature|business $120

atm skimmers

atm skimmer wincor nixdorf : $3500

atm skimmer wincor: 3500

atm skimmer slimm: $3000

atm skimmer slim : $2500

atm skimmer ncr: $3000

atm skimmer diebold opteva: $2500

atm skimmer diebold:$2500

atm skimmer universal:$3500

atm skimmer small:$2000

msr machine

msr505 = msr2000 :$600

msr505 = msr300:$450

msr505 = ta-48:$400

msr206 = msr3000:$300

msr206 = msr300:$250

dump writer and reader machine :

msr206 reader/writer usb


magnetic swipe card reader/writer msr206 is designed to offer a card reading/writing solution for iso 7811/1~6 formats. it reads and writes up to 3 tracks of data, e.g. decoding/encoding and verifying up to 3 tracks of data simultaneously. also, msr206 reader/writer provides a standard rs-232 interface to communicate with host system or other terminal computers. that will attractively complement an existing system.


* reading/writing magnetic stripe card complied with iso 7811/1~6 formats

* read/write high & low coercive force of magnetic stripe (300~4000oe)

* high/low coercivity encoding circuitry selectable on screen

* program software for windows 98/me/xp

* programming software for various read/write performance

* programmable leading bit, raw data, dmv/aamva, and user defined forma

* manual swipe to read and/or write card with rs-232 output

* writing and verifying data on single, dual, or triple track in one swipe

* 5~35ips operational swipe speed of writing data

* 5~55ips operational swipe speed of reading data

* +24vdc+/-10%, 2.0a max., external power adapter attached

* good size with dimensions of 210(l) x 60(w) x 65(h) mm

* ce, fcc, ul, cul certified

price : 200$

with free shipping.

---------------------------------conditions of sale-------------------------

( read it before add my icq & ym in ur contact list! )

1. dumps are sent to you after full payment for the order...

2. according ur desire staff can be checked up during the moment of purchase.

3. no consultations and advices how where and what for it's possible to take advantage of the given goods.

4. no gifts, "just for test" etc. and i am very tired from beggars and children... do not need wasted my and ur time too..

5 .no minimum orders if you pay with BitCoin (details for wu|mg orders in icq)

6. payment method:Bit-Coin , western union, moneygram, Perfect Money


y!m : linkvade

icq : 722484873

mail : [email protected]
am here to get you the best stuffs all the time..!!!!let get paid together now...!!!!
For Support and Advertisement you can contact  701491310 [email protected]
Thanks for the information
thanks i got it will do it from next time
Agree may be i'll try
(05-14-2015, 05:24 AM)Codefire Wrote:  A small tip, copy pasting will get you a permanent ban.thanks

What is a leecher? thanks

Definition of "Leecher"

In computing and specifically Internet, a leech is one who benefits, usually deliberately,
from others' information or effort but does not offer anything in return,
or makes only token offerings in an attempt to avoid being called a leech.

A leecher is an individual who registers an account on the forum, only to post in the leaking-related contents in order to unlock hidden content.
They spend very little time in any other sections. Leechers are usually suspended within their first few days of registering.

If your user-title says 'Leecher', it doesn't necessarily mean that you are one. Simply increase your overall post count and your usertitle/ranking will automatically change.

How would a leecher usually be distinguished from other members?

How can I prevent being labelled as a leecher?
If you're a newer member to the offensive community, you really want to give other users a positive first impression about yourself. Below, a few simple and straight forward steps will be listed so you won't give others the impression that you're a leecher.

1. Add an avatar image to your profile page.

Many leechers don't bother to add custom content to their profile, as they consider it a waste of time, because they're only here for premium content.

2. Read the community rules and guidelines.

Leechers have a tendency to register an account on offensive community and skip the most important part, the rules and guidelines. The board's rules and guidelines can be found by heading over to  of the website. Furthermore, it is also recommended that you review the , which can come in handy for future references.

3. Contribute back to the community.

One of the main reasons that members are entitled 'leechers' is because they take from the community, and don't give anything in return. You can contribute back to the community by following a few of the below steps;

  • Interact with the other members in sectors like  is the most valuable thing to do on the forum.

  • Create a graphical, social-engineering, marketing, or another sort of service which could benefit the community.

  • Host a few member contests and giveaways. Whether you're giving away credits, virtual game items, or something along those lines, members will appreciate it.

  • Create an informative and in-depth tutorial/guide which can benefit the community.

  • Support by purchasing an upgrade for yourself, or another member. The Upgrade page can be found by .

  • Come up with a few of your own ideas!

4. Spend some times outside of the leaking-related sections.

Although this step may seem self-explanatory, it is recommended that you post outside of the leaking-related sections of the forum. There's a function which forces leechers to create a couple of posts outside of the leaking-related sections, but that's not enough. Make friends, !


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