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Dendroid Android Malware (Full Source Code)
This sounds really interesting, thanks greatly
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(11-18-2014, 04:39 PM)Codefire Wrote:  [Image: Dendroid_Fig1_0.png]

[Image: 448XydF.png]

[Image: 7j4MVPG.png]

[Image: Dendroid_Fig2_0.png]

Dendroid is a HTTP RAT  that is marketed as being transparent to the  user and firmware  interface, with a sophisticated PHP panel and an  application APK binder  package that shares links to the author of the  original AndroRAT APK  binder.

Dendroid,  true to its name, offers many branches of functionality  with which to  manhandle unsuspecting Android-based mobile phones,  including the  ability to make calls and delete call logs, open web  pages, record calls  and audio, intercept text messages, take and upload  photos and videos,  open an application, initiate a HTTP flood for a  period of time for DoS  purposes and change command-and-control  (C&C) servers.
In short, it’s a cornucopia of information-stealing and  money-scamming goodness for criminals. The presence of the  AndroRAT-related  binder however makes it that much more dangerous. When  used with a  binder, the platform easily allows an attacker with  limited expertise to  automate the process of infecting any legitimate  Android application  with the RAT, thus trojanizing the app.


Ringer Up / Down
Media Up / Down
On Screen
Intercept On / Off
Block SMS On / Off
Record Audio
Record Video
Take Photo Front / Back
Record Calls On / Off
SMS Inbox / OutBox
Browser History / Bookmarks
Call History
User Accounts
Installed Apps
Send SMS
Delete SMS
Send SMS To All Contacts
Call Numbers
Call Log Delete
Page Open
Open Dialog (Toast Notification)
Open App
HTTP Flood
Update App


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