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19 Crypter Source Codes
[COLOR="#EE82EE"]Hello IHF

I was creeping throug the internet and stumble up over these 19 "Crypter Source Codes" @ some shity website,... anyway, i am sure this will be very usefull for some of you guys.


Some of that files COULD be infected, son run it in sandbox or anything related

I scanned some of them for my self and they was clean

I give this out like i found it, but if you guys are noob and getting infected, talk to me and we will solve the problem

Download Link

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you dont need to download all... take a look into the .txt file[/COLOR]
[COLOR="#EE82EE"]If i dont have it, you dont get it!
Conntact me via Skype, search for ---> Ariel @BotNetWorkz [/COLOR]
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If you have any source code of Crypter, please share for me. Thanks you
Thanks for the share.
Thanks for the share.
thank for the source codes man
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thank you very much man

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