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Send Fake Email / Bomber / Custom Email Address
Nice post   Mosking
This helpfull 
Good post.
The Vyctim WAS HERE!
Dirol  IndoCyber Network   Dirol

For Support and Advertisement you can contact  701491310 [email protected]
Nice thanks for share
ello please i just downloaded it now and tried it but it's showing unknown error
thanks for the share mate
Thanks a lot for sharing. It seems great and worth a few tries...
For Support and Advertisement you can contact  701491310 [email protected]
(08-29-2013, 01:11 AM)Codefire Wrote:  
hello everyone. Now I'm gonna show you How to send Fake Email with any Email Domain you want :)

ok here we go

[Image: yiYEfJx.png]

First, download the program

after downloading the program, run it and the program looks like this
[Image: gambar_836.png]

now fill all text field on the application
note (Click to Hide)
Fake Email textbox = your fake email, example : [email protected]
Victim(s) textbox = your target, example : [email protected]
Subject textbox = your email subject, click on the checkbox if you want a random subject
Messages textbox = your email body message, you can use html tag too.
Amount textbox = how man messages you want to send.
-use ur own email on Victim textbox for testing if you feel it necessary.

[Image: gambar_844.png]

after you fill up all textfields, then click Send Email button and wait till you got message like this
[Image: gambar_839.png]

done. Your email was successfully sent to the target. your email will be entered in the Inbox folder (tested on GMail)
[Image: gambar_840.png]

[Image: gambar_841.png]

this is how it looks if you use random email and random subject option (Click to Hide)
[Image: gambar_842.png]

[Image: yiYEfJx.png]

Credits (Click to Hide)
Coded by Anon?M ID
Aeonhack for Theme
shout out to Legion, and Keluarga Besar IFC <3

[Image: yiYEfJx.png]

I hope this tutorial could helped you and many people, this took me a while to make so feedback is greatly appreciated.

thanks for reading my tutorial, and have a nice day [Image: blackhat.gif]



This is just what I was looking for.
Gonna try it asap :)
thanks man for sharing this tool

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