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Send Fake Email / Bomber / Custom Email Address
Nice post   Mosking
This helpfull 
Good post.
The Vyctim WAS HERE!
Dirol  IndoCyber Network   Dirol

For Support and Advertisement you can contact  701491310
Nice thanks for share
ello please i just downloaded it now and tried it but it's showing unknown error
thanks for the share mate
Thanks a lot for sharing. It seems great and worth a few tries...
For Support and Advertisement you can contact  701491310
(08-29-2013, 01:11 AM)Codefire Wrote:  
hello everyone. Now I'm gonna show you How to send Fake Email with any Email Domain you want :)

ok here we go

[Image: yiYEfJx.png]

First, download the program

after downloading the program, run it and the program looks like this
[Image: gambar_836.png]

now fill all text field on the application
note (Click to Hide)
Fake Email textbox = your fake email, example :
Victim(s) textbox = your target, example :
Subject textbox = your email subject, click on the checkbox if you want a random subject
Messages textbox = your email body message, you can use html tag too.
Amount textbox = how man messages you want to send.
-use ur own email on Victim textbox for testing if you feel it necessary.

[Image: gambar_844.png]

after you fill up all textfields, then click Send Email button and wait till you got message like this
[Image: gambar_839.png]

done. Your email was successfully sent to the target. your email will be entered in the Inbox folder (tested on GMail)
[Image: gambar_840.png]

[Image: gambar_841.png]

this is how it looks if you use random email and random subject option (Click to Hide)
[Image: gambar_842.png]

[Image: yiYEfJx.png]

Credits (Click to Hide)
Coded by Anon?M ID
Aeonhack for Theme
shout out to Legion, and Keluarga Besar IFC <3

[Image: yiYEfJx.png]

I hope this tutorial could helped you and many people, this took me a while to make so feedback is greatly appreciated.

thanks for reading my tutorial, and have a nice day [Image: blackhat.gif]



This is just what I was looking for.
Gonna try it asap :)
thanks man for sharing this tool

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