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[Leak] [NEW] SpyNote v5.0 [Most Advanced Android RAT, More Stable & Faster]
09-26-2017, 03:34 AM,
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Hot  [NEW] SpyNote v5.0 [Most Advanced Android RAT, More Stable & Faster]
[Image: ?]
Hello, SpyNote v5.0 came out!
An amazing advanced Android RAT and an nice update on SpyNote 4!
Personally im very happy with this, and here it is also for you guys [Image: biggrin.png]
Need to update from 4.0 to 5.0? Simple update your old bots. [Image: smile.png]
Nobody can say that it don't works. I updated my v4.0 bots to 5.0 without any problems!
Here some pics:


Builder required: Java
Builder required: .NET 4.5
[Image: ?]
[Image: ?][Image: ?]
Features :

- The Server is coded in java

- The Controller is coded in

- No dependencies, and fully compatible with any Android Version

  from Eclair to Nougat and no root access required !

- Task Manager

- File Manager

- SMS Manager

- Remote Commands

- Device Information

- Clipboard

- Call Recording

- Cam Capture

- Installed Application
and many more...


- First of all, download the RAT and install it.

Buy a VPN to stay safe and port forward with it. (Example: CrypticVPN)(Easy to use)

Or you can use an DNS Service. (Example: DynuDNS)(Easy to use)

If you choose for a DNS, go to DynuDNS or another DNS Service, register, add a domain etc and download the Client.

Install the client, login, select your domain. Hit apply and it's done. If you want to use your VPN IP. Skip this part [Image: biggrin.png]

- Now we go to the VPN part. For example Cryptic VPN. Register, buy a month or what ever you want. Download the client, login. Choose the country/server you want to use and hit connect. (You are now connected with an offshore server, and will browe with another IP). Now login to your VPN Client area, go to the port forward option and port forward the port you like and hit apply. (Reconnect to your VPN).


Now you finished the hardest part! Goodjob  [Image: biggrin.png]

- Open the RAT. (If you don't trust it, run it on a VM or Sandboxie or whatever you want [Image: smile.png].

- Go to settings, and let the RAT listen to the port you forwarded with your VPN. (You can check to see if your ports are open. Go to, enter the port and hit next. If you see SUCCES your ports and RAT succesfully listening to eachother)

- Go to Build APK, enter the settings and options you like and hit build.

Now you are done [Image: smile.png]. Upload the APK to apkmirror or other apk upload sources. (You also can use sendspace and filedropper etc. Make sure you upload it to a site that is compatible with Android!) And start spreading, or what ever you want to do with your RAT! [Image: biggrin.png]


I'm pretty sure it's clean. I run it without Sandboxie or VM. (BUT ALWAYS RUN ON SANDBOXIE OR VM IF YOU WANT/LIKE THAT) [Image: biggrin.png]
I did not found any shady connections in it. But it build viruses so it will be mostly detected by AV Scanners [Image: smile.png]

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[NEW] SpyNote v5.0 [Most Advanced Android RAT, More Stable & Faster] - by CookieMAC - 09-26-2017, 03:34 AM

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