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Full Version: Setting up FUD rat jRat from Redpois0n. [Tutorial]
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Credit to the RAT to Redpois0n, whatever you do with this RAT and my tutorial is your business not mine.

Download [HIDE-REPLY] and press jRAT tab, then download it![/HIDE-REPLY]

Hi this is a tutorial for those of you who don't know how to set up jRat. I will be doing this on a Mac but you can follow along on Windows or Linux.

The RAT is compatible under Java 6 and Java 7

The main GUI looks like this

[Image: sMoHz.png]

and is coded in 100% Java.

1. Go to the "Build Tab" in one of the 5 main tabs there are including

[Image: dS2ey.png]

Adv. Build is your best option to create a server.

In general set your connection password and the default encryption is enckey. Remember this password.

Switch to the network tab and enter in your credentials including no-ip and your forwarded port.

Switch to the Startup tab and Start server with os boot. Then choose the installation path and reg key.

If you want a keylogger it will add a 180 bin size.

Switch to Allowed os. I will review the necessary things to have for each operating system.

Mac: Root priveleges. If you want to find out how to enable Root, then I'd suggest you use a magical website called, but shh, nobody knows about that website.

Windows: Java installed, most stable.

Linux: Haven't tried, but obviously Java installed.

Delay: This can be a very good trick to have to keep your slave thinking he is infected. If you set the delay to 45 seconds and their antivirus pops up 45 seconds later, they will not think that it is the file you sent them :D.

Final tab:

IMPORTANT: If you want your server to be a jar, the output has to be "name.jar" not "name" it will come out some stupid other file.

Now for sockets.

[Image: A27XS.png]

Click Add socket and it will take you to this screen:

[Image: XSKW6.png]

Socket name doesn't matter as much as what is the other components. :D.

Socket Port is self explanatory. (Port you forwarded)
Timeout is self explanatory.
Enter the connection password you made when creating your server.
Enter the key you made when creating the server, default is enckey.

You should now be able to get connections.

Due to me being on a mac, cba to activate root and infect myself.


[Image: KtbzI.png]
[Image: skWQH.png]
[Image: Gaetm.png]

Don't rip this on another forum please.
This is the first RAT in the Java programming language that I have ever seen before... im gonna try it :) thx
nice share man
it seems good stuff
nice tut..i will try and give u the feedbak..thanks..
i goo to try
Gracias Amigo! Will give it a try. Is it detectable by virustotal yet ?
it seems good stuff
underthedome Wrote:Gracias Amigo! Will give it a try. Is it detectable by virustotal yet ?

generally japa apps is not detected by anitvirus..but u should try it with any good crypter..or u can combine this with any games,software etc..
nice share man
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