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Full Version: [Blackhat] Method To Get One-Way Backlinks
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[h=1][Blackhat] Method To Get One-Way Backlinks[/h]
Here is a method to get some one-way backlinks that works pretty well. You need to get a secondary site. Set up something simple and contact other webmasters to trade links (reciprocal links). It can be from a different niche.

After a few reciprocal links (10~30) we need to redirect our secondary site to our main site. We will use a 301 redirect. But we will only redirect search engines, not normal users. This way you can continue with the reciprocal links and the other webmasters will not remove the backlinks.

Use this code on the top of the PHP file(s) to redirect all the backlinks to your main site (don 't forget to change your link):

Quote:if (preg_match("#(google|slurp@inktomi|yahoo! slurp|msnbot)#si", $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])) {

header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");


Now you will have one-way backlinks to your main site. Google will redirect the link juice to the main site and will not crawl the backlinks of the other webmasters on the secondary site.

Some notes:
- you can use a better script to do that.
- I believe that the secondary site will have the same pagerank after the redirection (or the actualization of pagerank).
- It 's easier to trade links on niches like games, porno etc. Keep that in mind, your goal is to trade many links.
- you can redirect before the first backlinks, but I think this works better this way
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