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suspended until further update.
Hello, I know I'm a new user here, but I'm an active member in other hacking forums (like hf) and since I've found many interesting things on this site I've decided to contribute with this crypting service! I'm going to keep this service up as long as there are enough users who need it ;)
The manifest is quite self explanatory, there are three packages (free, premium and Ub3r) which come with different features.
All of the packages include fud crypting (the free one might have 1-3 AV flags as it has a lower priority) which will last for almost a month and process start-up. With the free package your exe will be binded to my server so that I will have access to your managed machines too (in no way I'll botkill though), which is a reasonable price for a free crypt.
With the paid packages you will get persistence modules enabled (ring3 rootkit, melt and process/registry persistance) and with the ub3r package you'll get critical process escalation (termination of your file will result in a BSOD) along with custom assembly settings and usb spreader (replaces all the exe and folder with your file and tricks the user into running it).

To get started with this service compile the following module and post it into this thread:

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thank you for this bruh
thank you for this bruh
Thanks bro
looks good
Going to check it, and will give update
Awsome post man , keep going
thank you for this! Very Good
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