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Full Version: [FREE]Aegis Crypter 2015 [6.1 Edition] FUD Bypass all antivirus solutions
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[h=4]Stub update : 2015/03/19[/h]
Aegis Crypter 2015 new function

1.Increase the delay running
2.Forced startup bypass antivirus active defense(Restart will execution)
3.Contains free scanner
4.Public stub will often update
5.Support .net framework 2.0
6.High quality stub
7.Support most of the exe files

Code by C++ /C /ASM /C#.NET

[b]Public Edition contains 2 stubs ,general stub and .Net Stub [/b]

If you need to protect file is coded by VB/C#.NET framework,then you need to use .Net Stub

Offer three versions:
Public :
occasional upgrade builder and stub,share by all people
Private: frequent upgrades builder and stub,share by all private users
Unique: separate upgrade,make stub only for your own
wanna buy?
msg me on yahoo and skype

[Image: AC2015.jpg]
[Image: scanner.jpg]

[h=2]Download Here :10:[/h][HIDE-REPLY][h=2]Download[/h][/HIDE-REPLY]
AWesome.. would like to try
Nice share bro
some one tryin it i try
buen trabajo compañero
will try to download and will check
thanks bro... i want to try
Thank You! I will try :)
Thanks bro! :)